Plugins for 2019

Let’s face it, without plugins

Let’s face it, without plugins your WordPress site is going to be a pretty boring place. It’s also unlikely to offer your visitors anywhere close to the user experience you want from a really great site that gets visitors time after time. Deciding on the right plugins for your site is an important part of your site build and it is important to get the right mix and not overload on them as this will reduce

 Here are a few things to consider using plugins for:

Forms: The majority of sites will need a contact form of some kind so take a look at the various options and consider aesthetics as well as carefully planning the fields to make sure they work for you and your visitors.

SEO: Is of course one of the biggies so make sure that you look for a great SEO plugin that gives you the ability to optimize your content and has options to notify Google of your content.

Speed: As well as hosting and stripping back your WP plugins it is possible to increase your site speed by using cache plugins so keep an eye out for those as they could just give your site the boost they need.

This is just the tips of the iceberg, you will find plugins to make your WP Site super easy for your customers to use with little effort on your site. For some of the best plugin options for 2019, take a look at the advice from WPEagle …

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